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Tips For A Quick Home Spruce-Up 0

It’s unbelievable to think that Christmas is just three days away… the year always seems to go by so fast, and the holidays always creep up on us. Often times we are so busy with preparing for other parts of the holiday that we completely forget to do something important: spruce up our homes for guests or overnight company.

Once you have decorated your home for the holidays, all that is left is making your home comforting + cozy. Follow these simple steps below to get your home in tip-top shape for Sunday.

holiday scented candles
One of the best ways to make it feel like the holidays is to light a candle that is perfect for the holiday season. When your guests walk into your home, the candle will be the first thing they smell. Peppermint, sugar cookie, pine… the different scents are endless, but the smells are delicious!

quick decorations
Need fun + fresh holiday décor? Our Holiday Bauble decals are perfect for use on kitchen + bath backsplashes, tub surrounds, and in showers. You can choose to get a white background to cover up the tile completely or a clear background to let the tile show through. These decals are a subtle piece while adding just the right touch of festiveness!

homemade goodies
What’s better than walking into a home + smelling freshly made goodies? Whip up a couple of quick treats to leave out for your guests to snack on. They’ll appreciate having a snack after traveling -- and having something that will hold over their appetite until the big meal!

A quick home spruce-up can be made easy with StickPretty. We wish you happy holidays full of family, friends, food, and fun!

  • Nancy Lackman

Interior Decorating for the Holidays 0

Interior decorating during the holidays is one of the easiest + funnest times to decorate. The hues of gold, silver, red, and green really know how to brighten up a room + make it festive! If you’re looking for tips on how to decorate your house for the holidays, check out our favorite ways below.

simple white + green
Decorate your living room with simple white furniture + a bare tree and wreath; the room will feel as though you’re walking through a winter wonderland!

gold + garland
Garland is great for placing around a mantle, a doorway, or even a tree for an effortless look. This pommed garland is a fun one to use, but there are so many other garland options out there to choose from!

pinecones + fir
Setting the table is one of the best parts because of all of the centerpieces there are to choose from. These pinecone + fir centerpieces are lovely, and although they can be bought, it would be fun to make them yourself if you’re a DIY kind of gal!

chalkboard calligraphy
Decorating with chalkboards is becoming more and more popular. What’s a better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by writing beautiful calligraphy on a chalkboard with a quote, lyrics from a song, or even a welcome sign? So simple while also adding the perfect touch!

It’s time to get decorating … Happy holidays from StickPretty and follow us on Pinterest for more Christmas inspiration!

  • Nancy Lackman

Holiday Bauble Decals 0

One of the best times of the year for home décor is during the holidays -- family + friends will be stopping by to spread the holiday spirit, and now is the time to spruce up your space!

We have created our Holiday Bauble decals that are perfect for this time of the year. They are sold in sets of six + available in five different colors: periwinkle, sugar plum, gold, blue spruce, + mint.

You can also choose between a white or transparent background -- a white background will cover any worn or damaged tiles while a transparent background will allow the natural color of the tile to show through.

Use these decals on kitchen and bath backsplashes, on tub surrounds, and in showers -- with no need to worry about direct water spraying on them! Spread the holiday cheer + decorate your house -- all in one.

And when the Holidays are done the peel-away décor is easily removed... Happy Holidays from StickPretty!

  • Roxie Mae

Water Color 0

Jump right in...

A little aqua is all you need...Aqua painted mason jars from KA Styles Designs

Painted mason jars, KA Styles Design


Paint your own island getaway with

Benjamin Moore At Sea

Benjamin Moore At Sea


Make a decorating splash

Ikea Sectional Sofa

Ikea sectional sofa


Ultimate Shabby Chic Kitchen Concept from... 

Interior & Exterior Doors, Tampa

Interior & Exterior Doors, Tampa

Relics of Careless Days Past Made Beautiful

Beach Glass

Keep It Soft With Contrasting Tones of Brown

Brown shelled eggs and seashells

Objects From Home

Aqua poolside objects

A favorite book of illustrations by Megan Hess; fabric swatch from local upholsterer; garden mermaid; Ted Muehling vase; Sunbrella geometric fabric, vintage floral fabric; poolside plastic glassware from Target...


This years most exciting Art and Fashion Show at the Met 2016 0


     The Met Gala is without a doubt one of the most pivotal nights in the fashion industry. This past Gala we were dazzled by the new age theme shown to us through designers such as Christopher Kane, Versace, Calvin Klein, and Balmain. This years theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” While this theme conjures up images of shiny silvers, wire textures, and clean cut lines we were shown that there was a strong mix of geometric forms and some dresses even including elements of organic flora. 

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa. Met Gala 2016.

This wonderful mix of neutral colors and organic forms can make for an exciting way to decorate your own space! Much like Karolina Kurkovas dress our Liquid Rose tile decals are the perfect reflection of how easy it is to incorporate a modern look into your home while keeping a whimsical feel. 

 One of our most popular designs Ventor comes in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for incorporating the theme of chrome flora into the home. A mixture varied grays and blues makes for a powerful color combo. (Left: Ventor in Steel Blue. Right: Ventor in Platinum)

Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Decal Mashup: Eddie Van Halen Guitar & Chinoiserie Sideboard 0

Red and blue are just the best accent colors for any room of the house, so why not a kitchen backsplash tile mosaic mashup?

Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Decal Mashup

StickPretty Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Mashup 0

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mosaic Decal Mashup featuring white... And a sneak peek of the newest addition to our collection...

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mosaic Decal Mashup

Decorating with Color: Lovely White Geisha Glow 0

StickPretty Decorating with White: White Floral Arrangement

If you've ever seen a Geisha you know that white is the ultimate for showing off nuances and textures of the faces... the same can be said for spaces.

StickPretty Tile Decal Install Video: Time-lapsed Linen 0

Opened a Vine account today to share tile decal and window film designs sneak peek views. Check us out @StickPretty...

And then discovered time lapse is the perfect way to show easy installs for all of our patterns and colors... 

Click here to see the black and red linen in a four-square pattern...


StickPretty Mosaic Tile Decal Mash-Up: Abstract Cherry Blossoms 0

Our mosaic mash-up tile decal art from the other day was too much fun, so here's more...StickPretty Mosaic Tile Decals: Michelin Man & Green Tea Cupcake Icing

After attending a live show last night featuring 2 of the greatest living tv & movie funnymen—John Cleese & Eric Idle, I couldn't help but think absurdist comedy... Pairing the Michelin Man floor tile in London's Bibendum building with fluffy green tea cupcake icing still in the mixing bowl seemed...


 StickPretty Tile Decal Mosaic Mash-Up Hedgerows and Champage

The Brits also inspired 'Champagne Dreaming' of the greener than green British countryside ripe with perfectly manicured hedgerows, hiding the secrets of the UK's 1 percent... Champagne coupes and hedgerows are as natural a pairing as...

 Enjoy your weekend and have some fun.