Lady Sings the Mid-Tone Blues

Why does the eye love blue? Perhaps it's because from the depths of the sea to the clouds that cover we are surrounded by this most soothing of colors. It seems only natural that we seek the soft, cool tones that surround us outside and give them pride-of-place inside our spaces to comfort our souls, and ease our ocular burdens.

Hundreds of tones comprise this delightful section of the rainbow, spanning from the lightest powder-kissed shades to the richest sapphire glows. But it's the middle blues—the worker bees of the color world that cross-pollinate with cousin gray so often that we're hard-pressed to find ourselves not within eyeshot of their successful pairing.

In my own home, my guesthouse walls are painted a peaceful cornflower blue that makes my heart sing. The previous owner, who made this design decision, must have known what I've found to be true: middle blues are one of the most reliable building blocks for a well decorated room.

Behr's rich with paint color options in our favorite range of blues, featuring names like Gentle Sea and Peaceful Blue!

Designer extraordinaire Tricia Guild points out, in her book Guild on Color (Rizzoli New York), that Scandinavian interiors successfully employ blue, often with matching furnishings, trim, and wall paint.



A personal favorite door of mine is this patinated door in Smithfield Market, London. It's decay seems to have brought out the best of the soft blue spectrum.

The July issues of both Better Homes & Gardens and Architectural Digest featured our mid-range blues on their covers.

A featured room in Better Homes reminds us that soft furnishings are often the best way to bring color, and in this case gorgeous cornflower tones, into an interior.


Mibo Tile Tattoos in French Blue might just be the easiest way to soften your space and indulge your eyes in the mid-tone blues.

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