Color Me Prints! StickPretty®'s Picks in Mid-Blue...

In our continuing efforts to praise our chosen color of the moment—the lovely, soothing mid-blues—here are prints to get you seeing blue!

A Horst P. Horst cover for Vogue in 1936–it's the most sublime cornflower blue I think I've ever seen. Wear it, live with it, love it—I do.


Just a few years ago fashion was having a HUGE blue and white delft-inspired moment, including this Roberto Cavalli creation currently featured in the Met Costume Institute's China: Through the Looking Glass show. This dress (and the exhibition) is the perfect elevation of pattern and color we've lived with for thousands of years to modern, wearable style.

William Morris was the master of wallpaper design. Pulling décor out of the Victorian dark ages, there's still no one as good as the master. His Acorn block-printed wallpaper from 1879 still remains fresh after 135 years.


A stellar find from 1954, we love this graphic furnishings print by Jacqueline Groag for Liberty & Co. The repetitive objects make it unmistakably mid-century, the shades of blue make it StickPretty® color-luscious.

Leopard blue velvet from Scalamandre, what's not to love? Give me one small throw pillow and call me decorated? Make me a couch and it's the only piece of furniture I need.


Star Trek isn't for everyone but toile certainly should be! Kudos to whomever thought up this wildly imaginative depiction of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock landing in the 18th century French countryside. 

A print. Tricia Guild does color as good as anyone...

Sunbrella is hands down the most versatile and perfect material for a fuss-free but always pretty décor. Can't go wrong with a blue stripe... Stripe Milano Cobalt 56080

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