StickPretty Mosaic Tile Decal Mash-Up: Abstract Cherry Blossoms

Our mosaic mash-up tile decal art from the other day was too much fun, so here's more...StickPretty Mosaic Tile Decals: Michelin Man & Green Tea Cupcake Icing

After attending a live show last night featuring 2 of the greatest living tv & movie funnymen—John Cleese & Eric Idle, I couldn't help but think absurdist comedy... Pairing the Michelin Man floor tile in London's Bibendum building with fluffy green tea cupcake icing still in the mixing bowl seemed...


 StickPretty Tile Decal Mosaic Mash-Up Hedgerows and Champage

The Brits also inspired 'Champagne Dreaming' of the greener than green British countryside ripe with perfectly manicured hedgerows, hiding the secrets of the UK's 1 percent... Champagne coupes and hedgerows are as natural a pairing as...

 Enjoy your weekend and have some fun.



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