Decorating with Color: Lovely White Geisha Glow

I'm so excited and inspired by Benjamin Moore's choice of white as their 2016 color of the year. I find it easy to love and here are just a few reasons why: It's clean, fresh, sparks the imagination, can take center stage, or serve as a workhorse background neutral, and it comes in thousands of shades... And if you've ever seen a geisha you know t's just the most magnificent color for showing off the subtleties and textures of the face... same goes for a space.
 Benjamin Moore's Simply White 2016 Color of the Year
Benjamin Moore's Mascarpone, a warm white with yellow.
Benjamin Moore's Ice Mist, a bright cool white.
I'm especially pleased that a paint company has crowned white its queen above bright candy-toned shades as this says decisively WHITE IS A COLOR! To my eyes white does as good a job as any of the standard shades of the spectrum in meeting all criteria for visual impact: It sets a mood, it creates a richly cohesive palette, it plays well with all colors from the crayon box, and its celebration of flawlessness reflects the personal style and taste of anyone accessorizing with it from fashion to furnishings to art.
Decorating with Color: White Picket Fence
The white picket fence is classic home design 101. Somehow the simplicity of the white makes for a welcome that's as inviting as it is pristine.
Decorating with Color: White Bedroom
An all-white bedroom I found on the outstanding Decoist Blog is everything your room for rest should be—peaceful, calming, and reminiscent of a cloud far, far from life's daily grind.
As an exterior color choice white is put to best use by the International house style, creating the perfect backdrop for the bold architectural lines and details.
If I had to name the common thread running through most homes I have the pleasure of visiting, it might just be a white couch. For years it seemed counterintuitive to me—where do I drink my wine?—but once you let the white envelope you, it refreshes your spirit like a warm bubble bath. Here's a link to some smart ideas from Elle Decor ideas for accessorizing your white couch.
Decorating with White: Ikea Kitchen
Just because white is elegance personified doesn't mean it has to cost a fortune. IKEA does it best! Their kitchens start at $5K and are as efficient and well equipped as any.
Decorating with White: Floral arrangements
On any budget white is hands-down the best color for floral arrangements—from daisies to roses—you can definitively set a tone of serenity for your space with the natural beauty of white. Snapped in a friend's white interior home these lilies make for pure perfection.

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