Holiday Bauble Decals

One of the best times of the year for home décor is during the holidays -- family + friends will be stopping by to spread the holiday spirit, and now is the time to spruce up your space!

We have created our Holiday Bauble decals that are perfect for this time of the year. They are sold in sets of six + available in five different colors: periwinkle, sugar plum, gold, blue spruce, + mint.

You can also choose between a white or transparent background -- a white background will cover any worn or damaged tiles while a transparent background will allow the natural color of the tile to show through.

Use these decals on kitchen and bath backsplashes, on tub surrounds, and in showers -- with no need to worry about direct water spraying on them! Spread the holiday cheer + decorate your house -- all in one.

And when the Holidays are done the peel-away décor is easily removed... Happy Holidays from StickPretty!

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