Product Description

Artfully designed, affordable Tile Tattoos™ provide a makeover in minutes. Recommended for use on kitchen and bath backsplashes, tub surrounds, and in showers (direct water spray is no problem!). These waterproof decals will refresh any décor. The white background covers the tile underneath completely, hiding dull or faded surfaces. The clear background allows the natural color of a tile to show through. 

Apply adhesive-backed decals to tiles with just a few drops of water. Remove effortlessly, leaving no residue behind.

Sold in sets of 10. Instructions included. Available in 4" squares (4.25" industry standard) and 6" squares to fit most tiles. For an additional fee we will gladly create any size decal up to 12" to custom fit your tiles. To order a custom size you will need to purchase either the 'Custom Size up to 6" or Custom Size up to 12"' option. You will then write your required dimensions in the 'Order Notes' field of your shopping cart.

Designed by Mibo®

Made in the U.S.A.  

French Blue
Deep Sea
Beach Glass
Silver Sage
Garden Party
Castle Gray
Steel Blue
Smokey Truffle
Mocha Cream
Terra Cotta
StickPretty Blush



$22.00 USD

Are Tile Tattoos waterproof?

Yes, the Tile Tattoos are water, heat, and steam proof approximately 36 hours after installation.  However, we do not recommend applying Tile Tattoos in the bottom of a bathtub or sink, as they should not be soaked underwater. 

How many Tile Tattoos come in a set?

All Tile Tattoos are priced as sets of 10.

Where can I use Tile Tattoos?

Use them in a kitchen or bathroom or anywhere as an alternative to replacing tiles. Hide tired, dull, discolored, or outdated tiles, or help camouflage lightly cracked tiles. Tile Tattoos are not recommended for use on heavily cracked or broken tiles or on floor tile where anyone walks. For decorative purposes only they can be used on perimeter floor tiles that are not subject to foot traffic as the material is not slip-proof and the decals can not be cleaned with any scrubbing agent or heavy-duty floor cleaner.

How much coverage do the Tile Tattoos provide?

The designs printed on white decals will completely cover your tile, allowing you to hide an unwanted existing design, color, or hairline crack. The translucent backings will allow the tile to show through, creating the effect of a seamless surface design on your tile.

What are your suggestions for decorating with the Tile Tattoos?

Create a bold geometric look by placing them diagonally or in a checkerboard pattern. Place them together in sets of 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s in horizontal or vertical rows to give little bursts of visual interest. Scatter them at random for a fun unstructured look. A few Tile Tattoos go a long way in decorating!

How do I know what color is best for my décor?

We suggest choosing a complementary or contrasting color to add to your existing décor, rather than attempting an exact color match. The black or white designs on translucent backing are especially useful in almost any setting. Even mid-century pastel tiles are easily modernized by a touch of black or white surface design. 

What sizes are available?

Tile Tattoos are available in 4” squares and 6” squares to fit the most common tile sizes. Please note: Our 4” decals are 4.25" squares in order to cover standard 4” tiles, which also measure 4.25”.

Can I customize Tile Tattoos?

All of our solids and most of our decal designs can be customized to cover any tile size. To order a custom size, you will select either 'Customize up to 6"' or 'Customize up to 12"' from your product options. Please choose the option closest too but larger than your tile. You may write the dimensions for us in the 'Notes' section of your shopping cart. We can also color match or print your artwork onto our decals. Please visit Custom Printing.

What tools do I need for the Tile Tattoo application?

Cleaning agent for tiles pre-application, water to dampen tile and tile decal, a squeegee or credit card, and a cloth to wipe away excess water.

How do you apply Tile Tattoos?

Clean the tiles you will cover and wipe them thoroughly to ensure all cleaning agents are removed. Allow them to dry. Lightly spray the tiles with water. Peel off the decal backing and spritz the sticky side of the Tile Tattoo. Use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out the sticker and remove excess the water with a clean dry cloth.

How long do they take to adhere to the tile surface?

We recommend trying to avoid direct water contact for at least 24 hours. If decals are applied in a shower or behind a kitchen sink there's no need to entirely avoid using the water, simply try to prevent excess spray as much as possible. Drying time is completed with 72 hours. 

How do I clean Tile Tattoos?

Once the Tile Tattoos are applied, they may be cleaned with non-abrasive soap and water. To preserve the design, do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or a scrub brush.

Are the Tile Tattoos reusable?

Tile Tattoos are single use only. They are easily removable but not reusable.

How do I remove the Tile Tattoos?

Tile Tattoos are designed to stick to a tile surface as long as you need them to, but if your design tastes change, simply peel back a corner of a sticker and remove the Tile Tattoo. 

How easy it is to apply?

It's very easy! All you need is a tape measure, some sharp scissors and a clean flat surface. Cut the film to size, then peel off the backing paper. Spray water on the film to activate the adhesive and position or reposition the film as needed on the window while the film is wet. Step-by-step instructions are provided with each roll.

What kind of windows is it suitable for?

All windows, providing it is glass and the surface is smooth and clean. Other uses include mirrors, glass table tops, French doors, sliding doors, and shower doors.

Can I see out and what can you see from the outside?

The film allows light in but blocks the view to the outside, giving the appearance of frosted glass. When looking into a film covered window from the outside, only diffused shapes can be seen.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, using a damp cloth. Please avoid any abrasive cleaning liquids or materials.

What sizes are available?

Our standard sheet size is 40 x 50 inches or 1 x 1.25 meters. We also have several designs available in large 44 x 84 inches, slightly more than 1 x 2 meters. If your window is larger than this and you wish to cover the entire pieces of glass, we recommend the use of a professional wallpaper hanger to apply multiple sheets side by side.

We can also create custom sizes. We are happy to give you a quote if you contact us at with the size you need.

Our patterns are ‘all over’ so you can use them horizontally or vertically to get the most area coverage.

Is it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms?

It is not affected by condensation, but we do not recommend it to be used where it will be subject to intense heat, i.e. behind a gas range, or in the direct line of water spray.

Is it easy to remove?

Yes, however, it is not repositionable or reusable. Normally the film can be peeled away after separating a corner from the glass. A blow dryer can be used to warm the film and loosen the adhesive if necessary. When removed it will not damage the glass or leave any residue.

How durable is it?

It has a minimum of 3 years durability.

Is this product eco friendly?

Our packaging is made from a minimum of 40% recycled cardboard and the packaging is fully recyclable. We are also pleased to offer a selection of polyolefin films that do not contain poly-vinyl chlorides (pvc) or phthalates, the stiffening agents in pvc's that are a source of toxic waste.


What is removable wallpaper?

It's a modern wall product that does not require traditional wallpaper paste. The adhesive is activated when the backing paper is removed.

How do I apply it?

Simply peel off the backing and place it wherever you'd like. When using large pieces you should install it with a buddy.

Where can I use it?

It is recommended for use anywhere traditional wallpaper would be placed. We do not recommend it for wet environments or in rooms that are exposed to splatters or high traffic, such as kitchens or mudrooms. It can also be used on cabinetry, side tables, filing cabinets, door panels or door frames. 

What are the sizes?

We offer 9' strips, 2' and 4' panels for the wallpaper. For the graphics we sell 12", 18", and 24" squares. Any of our prints can be made to order in a custom size. Please see Custom Printing.

How do I remove it?

When you're ready to make a change simply peel it off starting from a top corner.

Will it damage my walls?

This is not traditional wallpaper that would leave noticeable indentions on walls. However, it may chip paint or leave some residue behind on walls or furnishings. Excessive adhesive can be removed with mineral spirits. 

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PVC-free Privacy Film: We strive to do our part to make this world a greener place and are proud to give you a pvc- and phthalate-free option. This product is available only in full size 40" x 50" sheets, but can be trimmed easily to your preferred size. It boasts the same ease of application and elegant full-coverage as our standard privacy film.

PVC-free Clear Window Clings: Sometimes privacy is not needed but that does't mean you can't decorate your glass to your taste. Our assortment of decals, stripes, and other designs on a see-through static cling can serve as notice of a glass door, or add a visual treat to your every day view. Printed on pvc-, phthalate-, and adhesive-free material this is the ultimate eco friendly product. Because it's adhesive-free it is not moisture-proof like our standard film, but it still has plenty of staying power for any room outside of the bathroom.

Letters & Numbers: Announce your house #, 'welcome' the outside world, or share a playful message. A few ideas (Window character sizes 6" 12"): "WELCOME"; "1234 (house #'s)"; "SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET"; "KNOCK SOFTLY, ENTER HAPPILY".

Custom Options: Our classic privacy window film has size selection built into our product options and we encourage you to have us cut what you need to your exacting measurements. If you have a size request that requires our special attention, please visit our Custom Printing page.

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Tile Decals: With just a package or 2 of decals kitchens and bathrooms will sing your personal song of style. Or, at the very least, they will help block out a previous owner's misguided vision of an ugly color or a silly design embedded in the tile. It truly is the easiest, cheap and cheerful way to a room re-do!

Floor Decals: Our newest product allows you to transform the ground you walk on. Our floor decals can be placed on perimeter areas to step-up the appeal of unwanted tile. We do not recommend them for high traffic areas—under sinks or outside of tubs—as shoes and heavy water saturation will quickly take their toll, but their anti-slip properties make a nice choice for bare feet and moist environments.

Letters & Numbers: Soften up the hard-edge surfaces of kitchens and baths with a little soft-hearted humor. Give yourself daily reminders of your favorite foods, cocktails, or recipes, make yourself smile with a message of love, or create a playful mood for bathtime... A few ideas: "VODKA SODA LIME"; "EGGS BACON TOAST"; "THE SMITHS LOVE PASTA"; "JACK LOVES DIANE"; "SMITH BATH HOUSE"; "I SHOWER HERE"; "MY OTHER SHOWER IS OUTSIDE"; "CONSERVE WATER & BATHE WITH A FRIEND".

Custom Options: We do our best to print any size, color, or image you'd like. We have a size selection built into our product options and encourage you to have us cut what you need to your exacting measurements. If you have a special color request or image that requires our special attention, please visit our Custom Printing page.


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