Original Designs for Walls, Windows & Tiles

WAKE UP YOUR WALLS, WINDOWS, & TILES... in mere minutes with our quick-stick products!

Designs For All: Whether it's privacy for your windows, or pizzaz for your walls and tiles, our designs will transform your surfaces and personalize your space! Suit any style with our colors and prints...

Easy install: To apply any of our products installation begins by simply peeling off the backing. For tile and window products you'll only need a few spritzes of water to ensure a perfect application. For walls, simply peel and stick, no water needed!

Commitment-free Decorating: All of our products are printed on easily removable materials so your surfaces don't suffer when it's time for take down. 




Long Live Queen Color

We believe color reigns in the land of personal style! Each of our signature shades is chosen to maximize your décor's potential and individualize your space for maximum living appeal!

Mix It, Match It, Make It Yours

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase coordinating prints for any surfaces you'd like to cover. If you're trying to colormatch each of your prints and don't see your chosen shade available for a particular item, please just write and ask and we'll see what we can do to keep your products' color consistent!

Your Custom Wish is Our Command

In addition to our specialty color palette, you'll find an array of color combos—some time-tested and others quite original—based on where a particular design points our color compass. We are also happy to work with you to customize a color or color match. Just write and let us know details of your project.

Look Out for Ms. Poppy Rose Color Pro

Our resident color expert, Poppy Rose, will be weighing in as a regular BLOG contributor with decorating tips, do's, don't's, and gorgeous visual cues to inspire you!

Get carried away with our colors!



Stickpretty wants you to maximize your self-expression by embracing your inner STYLE. To help you find your way we've created several style profiles you might identify with...

True Classic: A Traditional Point of View ... Traditional, time-tested furnishings creating calm and cohesive, familiar interiors. A room's decade of origin may be unidentifiable because trends are kept to a minimum. Colors are subtle but prints hold elevated status. Try Otto for your windows, Party Toile for your walls, and Ventor for your tiles.

For the Now: A Contemporary POV ... Eclectic surrounds where shiny surfaces meet rustic objects and repurposed meets state-of-the-art. Neutrals and color sing in harmony and splashes of clean, graphic prints help anchor spaces. Try Pearl for your windows, Poppies for your walls, and Linen for your tiles.

Make Mine Mid-Century: A MOD POV ... Organic shapes, bold pops of colors, and uncluttered interiors for those who like well edited spaces with decade-specific character. No color is too loud, prints are refined, and rooms can be time capsules. Try Betsy for your windows, Clacket Lane for your walls, and Shanklin for your tiles.

Soft Side Up: A Shabby Chic POV: Feminine, cozy décors spotlighting vintage finds, delicate color palettes, and a true love of clever, crafty DIY projects. Never enough florals in these warm-hearted, welcoming spaces where there's always room for 1 more item. Try Lace or Doris Window Film, Roses for your Walls, and Bembridge for your Tiles.

Not in My House: A Minimalist POV: Clean, simple, worry-free sensibility that marries form with function at all costs. Colors and prints are used sparsely but wisely—accent walls, bathrooms, and kitchens are often candidates for free expression. Try Orba for your windows, stripes for your walls, and solids for your tiles.