Rita September 25, 2017
Optic Clover Tile Tattoos
“… the ones I used… look great above my cooktop as an accent design—the color is perfect.”

Brenda September 24, 2017
Hobson Blue Tile Tattoos
“I've ordered from you before. It was a pleasure and we love the [Hobson] Blue Tile Decals.”

Linda July 14, 2017
White Solid Tile Tattoos & Butter Solid Tile Decals
“... I delved into my kitchen [project] and used the white and butter decals - how magnificent.. I can't thank you enough.  Now my kitchen looks great and I'm SO happy with everything.  Believe me I am recommending you to everyone I can get a hold of to say how great your products are, your customer service and everything about Stick Pretty is SO fantastic…”

Mitali June 21, 2017
Tangiers Mosaic Collection & Jardin Mosaic Collection
“I just ordered some tiles [decals] from your shop and I love them!”

Sarah May 15, 2017
Anni Window Film
I just installed your Anni adhesive window film… and I love it.”

Linda February 8, 2017
6” Linen Shroom Tile Tattoos
“I love the decals and I am so happy to cover the old pink and mauve ones that were there!!!!”

Brenna December 8, 2016
Willow Window Film
“I received it and installed it and i LOVE it!!! Thank you so so much.”