Wall Products FAQ

What is removable wallpaper?

It's a modern wall product that does not require traditional wallpaper paste. The adhesive is activated when the backing paper is removed.

How do I apply it?

Simply peel off the backing and place it wherever you'd like. When using large pieces you should install it with a buddy.

Where can I use it?

It is recommended for use anywhere traditional wallpaper would be placed. We do not recommend it for wet environments or in rooms that are exposed to splatters or high traffic, such as kitchens or mudrooms. It can also be used on cabinetry, side tables, filing cabinets, door panels or door frames. 

What are the sizes?

We offer 9' strips, 2' and 4' panels for the wallpaper. For the graphics we sell 12", 18", and 24" squares. Any of our prints can be made to order in a custom size. Please see Custom Printing.

How do I remove it?

When you're ready to make a change simply peel it off starting from a top corner.

Will it damage my walls?

This is not traditional wallpaper that would leave noticeable indentions on walls. However, it may chip paint or leave some residue behind on walls or furnishings. Excessive adhesive can be removed with mineral spirits.