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Specializing in peel-and-stick products for the home, our privacy window film and tile stickers are budget friendly ways to stylize your surfaces. From our frosted window film to our dozens of tile decals you'll find the look for you... Shop now for the home window tinting you need and the mosaic tile decals you want!

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The Modern Solution

Window film is the modern solution to window treatments. Say good-bye to fussy shades, blinds, and curtains and learn the value of home window tinting using frosted window film and decorative window film.

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Explore Your Style

Original designs are what we do best here at StickPretty. Choose the tile stickers that suit your kitchen or bathroom and treat yourself to the new look you've been waiting for.

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Color Match

Our classic decorative window film styles are now available in soft warm and cool tones to match any interior. We can also  print in any Pantone!

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Eco Friendly Window Film

Our state-of-the-art cling window film is adhesive free and pvc free! It cuts like butter, and can be applied, removed, and reused like new. Try it in a bathroom because it's waterproof! as well as certified GREEN.

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Privacy Window Film Made for YOU


We will print and pre-trim your decorative window film to your exact measurements when you purchase the custom size option.

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When you shop with us at STICKPRETTY you're seeing the very best selection of both Decorative WINDOW FILM and TILE STICKERS. StickPretty began 15 years ago as 2JANE Co., a boutique brand with a well curated selection of imported, hand-made treasures sold to art museum shops and independent design stores… It has blossomed into a boutique print shop, featuring a vast array of privacy window film and tile decals, with a playful name to match its peel & stick inventory.

We believe the most successful interiors and decor are celebrations of color, style, and pattern and we strive to make our products worthy of bringing to your party! Printed and packaged in our Florida studio, StickPretty products are thoughtfully made to order by our small team of artisans. Our frosted window film original graphics are inspired by our idyllic surrounds, love of art, and global travels. The tile decals, first created by British designer Mibo, who is known for her love of mod art, vinyl record covers, and Japanese kimonos, are studies in bold graphics and color stories.

But it’s the practicality and affordability of our solution-based products that define our brand. If you’re thinking of a kitchen or bath renovation you can save your budget by covering your tiles rather than replacing them. And rather than installing blinds, curtains, or shades our privacy window film will make your space private and personal without blocking the light.

Our home window tinting can be used in any room of the house—making it the ultimate universal decorating solution. And because it’s waterproof it can replace expensive frosted glass doors and windows so commonly used in bathrooms. The tile decals are also impervious to water so any kitchen or bathroom tile can be transformed with no worries about moisture, humidity, or direct water flow.

We offer standard colors, patterns, and sizes in both our privacy window film and tile decals, but our boutique experience focuses on customization and second-to-none CUSTOMER SERVICE that ensures you get exactly the product and solution you need. If you don't find what you need, REACH OUT and we'll take care of you! STICKPRETTY@STICKPRETTY.COM