Tile Decals

The ultimate decorating solution, StickPretty Tile Tattoos are celebrating their 12th anniversary in 2018! Our highly stylized wall decals are all you need to give any tiled surface a whole new look! Whether you use tile stickers in a bathroom or a kitchen, you can create the illusion of a bath or kitchen remodel in minutes. Our original collection of tile stickers, designed by in the UK by award-winning Mibo™, has expanded into a highly acclaimed interior decorating must-have tile sticker solution! Dated and ugly tile designs in unwanted colors can be quickly covered with our waterproof, quick-stick tile decals. And don't forget our tile stickers can be removed just as easily, making them an easy choice for both homeowners and renters. The most cost effective product on the bath and kitchen remodel market, Tile Tattoos will transform the way you think about utilitarian tiles by turning your space into the Roman bath or Spanish mosaic-walled kitchen you always wanted.
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