Tile Products FAQ

Are Tile Tattoos waterproof?

Yes, the Tile Tattoos are water, heat, and steam proof approximately 36 hours after installation.  However, we do not recommend applying Tile Tattoos in the bottom of a bathtub or sink, as they should not be soaked underwater. 

How many Tile Tattoos come in a set?

All Tile Tattoos are priced as sets of 10.

Where can I use Tile Tattoos?

Use them in a kitchen or bathroom or anywhere as an alternative to replacing tiles. Hide tired, dull, discolored, or outdated tiles, or help camouflage lightly cracked tiles. Tile Tattoos are not recommended for use on heavily cracked or broken tiles or on floor tile where anyone walks. For decorative purposes only they can be used on perimeter floor tiles that are not subject to foot traffic as the material is not slip-proof and the decals can not be cleaned with any scrubbing agent or heavy-duty floor cleaner.

How much coverage do the Tile Tattoos provide?

The designs printed on white decals will completely cover your tile, allowing you to hide an unwanted existing design, color, or hairline crack. The translucent backings will allow the tile to show through, creating the effect of a seamless surface design on your tile.

What are your suggestions for decorating with the Tile Tattoos?

Create a bold geometric look by placing them diagonally or in a checkerboard pattern. Place them together in sets of 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s in horizontal or vertical rows to give little bursts of visual interest. Scatter them at random for a fun unstructured look. A few Tile Tattoos go a long way in decorating!

How do I know what color is best for my décor?

We suggest choosing a complementary or contrasting color to add to your existing décor, rather than attempting an exact color match. The black or white designs on translucent backing are especially useful in almost any setting. Even mid-century pastel tiles are easily modernized by a touch of black or white surface design. 

What sizes are available?

Tile Tattoos are available in 4” squares and 6” squares to fit the most common tile sizes. Please note: Our 4” decals are 4.25" squares in order to cover standard 4” tiles, which also measure 4.25”.

Can I customize Tile Tattoos?

All of our solids and most of our decal designs can be customized to cover any tile size. To order a custom size, you will select either 'Customize up to 6"' or 'Customize up to 12"' from your product options. Please choose the option closest too but larger than your tile. You may write the dimensions for us in the 'Notes' section of your shopping cart. We can also color match or print your artwork onto our decals. Please visit Custom Printing.

What tools do I need for the Tile Tattoo application?

Cleaning agent for tiles pre-application, water to dampen tile and tile decal, a squeegee or credit card, and a cloth to wipe away excess water.

How do you apply Tile Tattoos?

Clean the tiles you will cover and wipe them thoroughly to ensure all cleaning agents are removed. Allow them to dry. Lightly spray the tiles with water. Peel off the decal backing and spritz the sticky side of the Tile Tattoo. Use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out the sticker and remove excess the water with a clean dry cloth.

How long do they take to adhere to the tile surface?

We recommend trying to avoid direct water contact for at least 24 hours. If decals are applied in a shower or behind a kitchen sink there's no need to entirely avoid using the water, simply try to prevent excess spray as much as possible. Drying time is completed with 72 hours. 

How do I clean Tile Tattoos?

Once the Tile Tattoos are applied, they may be cleaned with non-abrasive soap and water. To preserve the design, do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or a scrub brush.

Are the Tile Tattoos reusable?

Tile Tattoos are single use only. They are easily removable but not reusable.

How do I remove the Tile Tattoos?

Tile Tattoos are designed to stick to a tile surface as long as you need them to, but if your design tastes change, simply peel back a corner of a sticker and remove the Tile Tattoo.