Window Products FAQ

How easy it is to apply?

It's very easy! All you need is a tape measure, some sharp scissors and a clean flat surface. Cut the film to size, then peel off the backing paper. Spray water on the film to activate the adhesive and position or reposition the film as needed on the window while the film is wet. Step-by-step instructions are provided with each roll.

What kind of windows is it suitable for?

All windows, providing it is glass and the surface is smooth and clean. Other uses include mirrors, glass table tops, French doors, sliding doors, and shower doors.

Can I see out and what can you see from the outside?

The film allows light in but blocks the view to the outside, giving the appearance of frosted glass. When looking into a film covered window from the outside, only diffused shapes can be seen.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, using a damp cloth. Please avoid any abrasive cleaning liquids or materials.

What sizes are available?

Our standard sheet size is 40 x 50 inches or 1 x 1.25 meters. We also have several designs available in large 44 x 84 inches, slightly more than 1 x 2 meters. If your window is larger than this and you wish to cover the entire pieces of glass, we recommend the use of a professional wallpaper hanger to apply multiple sheets side by side.

We can also create custom sizes. We are happy to give you a quote if you contact us at with the size you need.

Our patterns are ‘all over’ so you can use them horizontally or vertically to get the most area coverage.

Is it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms?

It is not affected by condensation, but we do not recommend it to be used where it will be subject to intense heat, i.e. behind a gas range, or in the direct line of water spray.

Is it easy to remove?

Yes, however, it is not repositionable or reusable. Normally the film can be peeled away after separating a corner from the glass. A blow dryer can be used to warm the film and loosen the adhesive if necessary. When removed it will not damage the glass or leave any residue.

How durable is it?

It has a minimum of 3 years durability.

Is this product eco friendly?

Our packaging is made from a minimum of 40% recycled cardboard and the packaging is fully recyclable. We are also pleased to offer a selection of polyolefin films that do not contain poly-vinyl chlorides (pvc) or phthalates, the stiffening agents in pvc's that are a source of toxic waste.