CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
CityScape Window Film
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CityScape Window Film

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Choose from one of 4 materials and an array of fresh, modern designs to create light-filled rooms with pleasing sight lines and enhanced interiors. All of our products are water- and humidity-proof, and install quickly and easily with a few spritzes of water.

Our Collection: Light Bright DIY Delights!

Original adhesive privacy film: Critically acclaimed, it gives you full privacy, blocks any unsightly views, and helps filter the sun's harshest rays. Buy a standard size or have us custom cut it to fit any window.

PVC-free cling privacy film: Enjoy the same degree of privacy and sun filtration as our original product, but do so with fewer plastics. We cannot custom cut this film, but it is reusable if you would like to move it at any time.

Sheer adhesive film: This lightly textured film creates an etched glass appearance that blurs rather than obstructs views perfect for 'softening' a line of sight. This film can also be custom cut. 

Clear cling film: Try our optically clear option for dressing up your windows without altering your view. The cling material is purely decorative with no privacy qualities. It can not be custom cut nor can it be reused.

      • All of our designs are printed in original, classic white as well as select colors to coordinate with your décor.
      • All products are waterproof and recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms, great for shower doors!—as well as bedrooms, front doors, sidelights, or glass-fronted cabinets.
      • The materials also work for DIY projects, such as decorating vases or mason jars, glass tabletops, and mirrors.
      • All films apply easily with water and can be cut with household scissors and trimmed with craft knives or razor blades.
      • We guarantee a minimum of 3-years durability
      • None of our films will damage glass after removal.
      • Once installed the film is easily cleaned with a non-abrasive spray and a lint-free cloth. 


We offer custom-cut sizes in our original privacy and sheer adhesive films for an additional fee. To place a custom order select either the 'Custom cuts up to 36" x 48"' or the 'Custom cuts up to 44" x 84"' option. You will then write your required dimensions and quantity in the 'Order Notes' field of your shopping cart. 

Designed by Emma Jeffs

Made in the U.S.A.